New feature: CLO Issuance Monitor

We’re excited to announce KopenTech’s newest feature, the CLO Issuance Monitor. It’s a centralized portal for all primary activity: new issues, refis and resets.

With this portal, our objective is to have a centralized location and standardized approach to collecting deal information. When you arrive on the Issuance Monitor page, you’ll immediately see similar filters to the BWIC monitor. Advanced filtering tools are available to allow focus on specific transaction types, ratings, reinvestment, or non-call periods along with 15 other portfolio characteristics.

Investors will be able to access granular deal details in five intuitive sections.

Deal Details

Here, investors can view key summary information, including key dates, parties, syndicate contacts as well as the managers’ presentation and highlights from their platform.

Deal Structure

The deal structure page expands upon the capital structure and includes information about tranche sizes, collateral sources and uses and OC tests.

Target Portfolio

The target portfolio tab allows you to analyze a portfolio quality of a CLO.  We show a number of the metrics that are included in this section as well as a screenshot showing how it looks on the platform.


KopenTech hosts all deal documentation received from the arranger on the platform including the indenture, offering circular, manager presentation and Intex files. You can download all of these documents separately or all of them in one click.