KopenTech is launching CLO Manager Profile feature on their KTX platform. It provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s profile and key indicators in a user-friendly format. It is a collection of qualitative, as well as quantitative data. Managers can update their profile to provide institutional investors with up-to-date presentation, newsletters, ESG policy, key personnel updates.

The Overview tab offers a general description of the company, including essential information, as transaction volume, pie charts depicting the geographic mix of deals, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) deals, EU compliance, and static deals. Additionally, it shows arrangers and trustees frequently used by the manager, along with customizable graph showcasing issuance spreads and short vs. long-dated issuance split.

The Deals tab presents a table listing all deals and related transactions. Users can click on individual deals for more detailed transaction information and it full history in the event it was previously refinanced or reset. By clicking on the designated Intex or Bloomberg buttons, users can easily access the deal information on those applications or login to access the pre-pricing models.

The CLO Team tab allows CLO Manager to showcase its key team members. Each team member’s full name, LinkedIn profile, contact and years of experience at the firm are provided, allowing users to gather more information about the team and connect for a meeting.

Under the Additional Information tab, key considerations, views, and investment strategies are highlighted. This includes information about the company’s CLO operations, such as the locations and regions of operation. It also provides relevant details about the founder, the date of establishment, and the beginning of CLO issuance. Additionally, information about the company being a UNPRI (United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment) signatory, having an ESG formal policy, total AUM (Assets Under Management), leveraged loan AUM, and proprietary analytical tools are mentioned. The tab also covers the company’s investment philosophy, and involvement in its own equity. Manager presentation can be uploaded here.

KopenTech’s CLO Manager Profile in 4 Standardized Tabs offers a comprehensive and easily accessible guide for users to gain valuable insights into CLO Manager profile and information related to its operations and strategies.