E-bidding Functionality for CLO BWICs

What E-bidding functionality offers:

  • Submit bids with a single click
  • Centralized bid management across all BWICs
  • Real-time bidding synchronized across all users
  • Complete log of historical bidding

See E-bidding flow:

Step 1:
Request for E-Bidding Access
– Client requests acceptance for electronic bidding
– Broker-Dealer approves/rejects client request

Step 2:
Submitting Bids on BWICs
– On the day of BWIC, select the security from List of BWICs, choose Broker-Dealer and enter a bid
– If the bid is rejected or the Broker-Dealer doesn’t respond, submit to another Broker-Dealer

The My BWICs page is your centralized window to all bidding. This is where you can view, edit or manage all submitted bids in real-time.
– Receive feedback
– Real-time synchronized bidding across your team
– View all your historic BWIC bidding data in one place

To learn more about this innovative functionality, read the brochure.